Reducing stormwater pollution – a kit for home and business

Clean stormwater helps keep our creeks, rivers and lakes, beaches and oceans healthy. Keeping our stormwater clean also provides us with new opportunities for stormwater reuse. This helps us to protect our precious water reserves.

Most urban stormwater pollution is caused by everyday activities, not by major spills or industrial accidents. That’s why it is important for all of us to do our bit, especially in urban areas, to prevent waste from our homes or businesses polluting the stormwater drain. What seems like a little bit of waste from a home or business is a very serious problem when multiplied by every house in the community.

Pollution of our waterways can be a result of many things, such as industrial run-off from workshops or to people washing their vehicles in the street. Add general litter – ranging from plastic bags and bottles to cigarette butts – found in stormwater, and the problem is compounded.

The EPA reducing stormwater pollution kit addresses a range of activities with the potential to negatively impact on our waterways when discharges are made to the stormwater system. With fact sheets for home and business operators, such as mobile dog washers, home handy men, concreters and builders, the kit identifies common sources of pollution and offers practical advice on preventing and correctly managing and disposing of waste.

Fact sheets

Page last updated on 21 Nov 2018