What you can do to improve vehicle emissions

There are many things you can do to reduce pollution from your motor vehicle.

Maintain your vehicle

Getting your vehicle regularly tuned and maintained can reduce emissions by up to 25 per cent. It will also give you better fuel and oil consumption and extend your vehicle’s life. Even something as simple as keeping your tyres inflated to the upper limit of the manufacturer’s specification will have a positive effect on fuel consumption and emissions.

Be aware of your driving habits

Plan your trips: can you combine activities/tasks into fewer trips?

Also consider whether you really need to drive at all. Could you walk, ride a bike or take public transport instead? Remember, not only will you avoid having to find a park but you could also get some exercise.

When you do drive, try to drive more smoothly. Smooth driving techniques save on fuel as well as general wear and tear on your vehicle. You’ll arrive just as quickly and be less stressed.

Report smoky vehicles

Smoky vehicles contribute disproportionately to the pollutants from motor vehicles. EPA operates a program that allows the community to report offending vehicles. When we receive a report, EPA will advise the owner to check their vehicle and, if necessary, get it fixed.

If  you see a vehicle (less than 4.5 tonnes) blowing smoke continuously for 10 seconds or more, call EPA on 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC), or alternatively, report smoky vehicles.

Contact traffic management organisations

If you are concerned about air quality in your local area because of traffic, contact someone who may assist with a traffic management solution:

  • VicRoads
  • your local government transport officer.

Page last updated on 22 Jul 2016