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Heads of EPA Australia and New Zealand (HEPA)

HEPA (the Heads of EPA Australia and New Zealand) is an informal alliance of environmental regulation leaders from Australia and New Zealand.

Its principal members are:

• Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA VIC) – Chair and Secretariat
• Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy (DoEE)
• Environment Protection Authority South Australia (EPA SA)
• NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA NSW)
• Environmental Protection Authority New Zealand (EPA NZ)
• Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES Qld)
• Western Australian Department of Water and Environmental Regulation Western Australian (DWER WA)
• Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA WA)
• Environment Protection Authority Tasmania (EPA TAS)
• Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority (EPA NT)
• Environment Protection Authority ACT (EPA ACT) 

HEPA's strategic plan from 2018 – 2021 has more information on the organisation.

Here are HEPA's guiding principles on best practice Energy from Waste (EfW) policies.

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