Guidelines for Environmental Management: Use of reclaimed water

This guideline underpins sustainable water recycling and reinforces the contribution reclaimed water can make in our journey towards sustainable management of our resources and environment. The guideline provides information on the reclamation and use of treated sewage from large scale facilities. The key provisions in the guideline are: 1) definitions of four classes of reclaimed water based on the treatment processes used and monitoring of water quality parameters; 2) linkages between the acceptable uses for the different classes of the water; 3) the necessary restrictions to protect the environment and public health; and 4) the regulatory framework and approval processes. A very significant aspect of this guideline is that it has been endorsed by EPA, Department of Human Services, Department of Sustainability and Environment and the Department of Primary Industries. This guideline revises the previous publication (publication 464.1, EPA 2002).
  • Publication Number: 464.2
  • Category(s): Water, Guidelines for Environmental Management
  • Number of pages: 101
  • Release Date: 5 Nov 2003

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