Programs and initiatives

Waste management research

Would you like to collaborate on research with EPA?

EPA runs research projects focusing on waste management. We work with university partners and other science-based organisations to undertake this research.

We are looking to collaborate with researchers who have expertise in waste management.

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What is the focus of the research?

EPA has previously worked with university partners and other science-based organisations on research into waste management.

We have focused on the following areas of research:

  • hazardous waste management options
  • waste criteria and frameworks
  • waste streams and contaminants
  • waste management technologies
  • health and environment impacts from waste
  • waste sampling and analysis. 

As the volumes, chemical contaminants and the drive to find alternative uses for waste increase, the importance of waste research also increases. This program of work brings together researchers from different disciplines and with different areas of expertise to deliver research outcomes that can be directly applicable to the work at EPA.

Page last updated on 23 Aug 2019