Programs and initiatives

Research and Development Program 2013–16

EPA’s Research and Development Program 2013–16 is made up of five integrated research areas:

  1. compliance and enforcement
  2. improving environmental outcomes (water, air, land, noise, odour)
  3. environmental citizenship
  4. contaminated land and groundwater
  5. regulating waste.

These five program areas support our core role as the regulator of pollution in Victoria and our role as an influential authority. They are focused on the knowledge and evidence EPA needs to support delivery of our current 5 Year Plan and development of future plans.

An important part of EPA’s Research and Development Program is our partnerships with leading external research institutes, including:

  • a collaborative partnership with Monash University, RMIT University and The University of Melbourne
  • BehaviourWorks Australia
  • Centre for Aquatic Pollution, Identification and Management (CAPIM)
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE)
  • Victorian Centre for Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing (VCSCM), which aims to help Australian industry improve its competitiveness and capabilities through research and development of sustainable chemical products and processes. To do this, it connects industry with training, knowledge and innovations in green chemistry and engineering.

These partnerships complement our core internal research capacity and provide us with the best range and depth of expertise to address our research needs. They also link us with leading thinkers to help us deliver better environmental outcomes.

You can learn more about EPA’s research and development programs and projects in our Research and Development Program 2013–16 publication. (PDF 1.58MB)

Page last updated on 10 Aug 2016