Monitoring the environment

Xylene levels in Victorian air 2003–07

Xylene is a component of petrol and is commonly found in industrial solvents.

The chart on this page shows average xylene concentrations at each monitoring site. Average concentrations are presented, as this is the basis on which the health-based monitoring investigation level is set.

All results are well below the health based monitoring investigation level.

Annual average xylene concentrations for EPA’s xylene studies


ppb: parts per billion (for every one billion litres of air there is one litre of the pollutant)

Note: Some projects ran for less than twelve months. More information on individual projects is available on this website.

Sample date


Average xylene concentration (ppb)

2003 Alphington 1.4
2003 Footscray 1.3
2003–04 Nunawading (Springvale Road) 1.8
2004 Brooklyn (Westgate Freeway) 1.6
2004–05 Corio 0.5
2005–06 Eltham 0.7
2006 Newport 4.4
2006 Spotswood 1.0
2006–07 Carlton 1.0
2006–07 South Melbourne 0.5
2007 Traralgon 0.2
National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM) investigation level (annual average) 200.0

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