Monitoring the environment

How to use EPA AirWatch

Welcome to EPA AirWatch. Our interactive map is the go-to place for air quality information in Victoria. To get the information that’s most relevant to you, we encourage you to explore the map and become familiar with its features.

Have a go: up-to-date air quality information is just a click away!

Getting started

Go directly to the EPA AirWatch page.

You can also access the map directly from EPA’s website home page.

How to use the map

  1. Zoom in.
  2. Zoom out.
  3. Return to the zoomed-out view of the map.
  4. Data/time of the most recent data (updated every hour)
  5. Clickable icons show air quality for each site.
    Black-and-white icons "" with letters show overall air quality, from ‘very good’ (VG) to ‘very poor’ (VP). Coloured icons  mean that the level of PM2.5 particles in the air can be considered unhealthy (based on the average PM2.5 levels over the previous 24-hour period). If you see or smell smoke, the cautionary health advice shown is current for that site.
  6. Click on the icon "" to show air quality during major pollution incidents.

How to use the popup box


  1. Location of the air monitoring station.
  2. Health category based on the average PM2.5 levels over the previous 24 hours. Click the coloured banner for more information, including health advice where applicable. Click the coloured banner again to return to the popup box:

  3. Close the popup box.
  4. Date and time of the most recent data (updated every hour).
  5. PM2.5 graph showing the rolling 24-hour average. Only data collected by air monitors that meet Australian Standards is shown using health categories.
    Data is updated each hour. The graph displays 48 hours of data, with each bar showing one hour of data. The most recent reading is on the right. The colour of each bar corresponds to the health categories in the key below the graph.
  6. Key showing the seven health categories based on average PM2.5 levels over a 24-hour period. Read about Effects of smoke.
  7. Hover over a bar to see the average pollutant level for each hour.
  8. Average level of each pollutant over the last 48 hours. Each bar shows one hour of data, with the most recent reading on the right. The colour of the bars corresponds to the air quality categories in the key below the graphs.
  9. Air quality index summary gives an overall measurement of air quality. Click for information.
  10. Click on the word for information about each pollutant (shown in a new tab).
  11. Key showing air quality categories for all pollutants other than PM2.5. These range from ‘very good’ (low levels of the pollutant in the air) to ‘very poor’ (high levels, greatly exceeding the relevant air quality standard).

When EPA measures high levels of PM2.5 particles in the air, a link to the Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) website will display at the top of the popup box. This will occur when a health category of ‘very unhealthy’, ‘hazardous’ or ‘hazardous extreme’ is triggered. These will show on EPA AirWatch as a red, orange or brown icon.

Accessibility information

To ensure that our data is accessible for all Victorians, EPA also presents hourly air quality information in a table format.

Page last updated on 12 Sep 2017