Licences and approvals

Works approval and licence applications open for comment

Works approval applications open for comment

You can find works approval applications that are open for public comment on the EPA Interaction Portal:

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EPA receives and assesses applications to issue works approvals. You may comment on the application and request in writing to be notified if the works approval/licence is issued.

A copy of these applications, accompanying plans, specifications and other information can be viewed online on this website, or on a dedicated Engage Vic page, or at EPA head office or a regional office (for applications relating to that region). Electronic copies of these applications (as Adobe PDF files) can be downloaded from the Interaction Portal, or on Engage Vic.

Once the works are completed, as per the works approval, a licence may be issued for the operation of the works. Licence conditions and limits are also assessed as part of works approval assessment.

Licence applications open for comment

No licence applications are currently open for public comment.

Page last updated on 7 Aug 2019