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Wyndham landfill works approval – conditions of approval

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The works approval issued is subject to a series of conditions. Some conditions must be completed prior to construction, others will extend throughout the lifetime of its operation. These conditions include:

  • possession of a valid planning permit
  • the provision of detailed design documents for written approval prior to commencing any construction
  • the inclusion of additional design and management measures within the final designs
  • installing key containment and environmental management features such as groundwater monitoring bores, landfill gas collection systems, and litter fencing
  • the development and implementation of monitoring and management plans for odour, groundwater, surface water and landfill gas
  • reporting requirements such as management plans to control potential impacts from the facility (such as noise, odour, vermin and dust)
  • the provision of a financial assurance to an amount agreed by EPA.

For further information on the conditions of the works approval, see the works approval (PDF 2.2MB) and the full assessment report (PDF 22MB – very large file), section 5.

Page last updated on 11 Oct 2017