Licences and approvals

Works approval application for Melbourne Regional Landfill

In February 2016 EPA received a works approval application from Landfill Operations to extend its Melbourne Regional Landfill at Ravenhall.

The proposal is for an extension to the existing landfill to continue receiving the same waste types, including the disposal of municipal solid waste, low-level ‘Category C’ contaminated soil and solid inert waste within part of the quarry void resulting from future Boral quarrying operations.

Landfill Operations’ proposal would need both planning permit approval and an EPA works approval.

The Minister for Planning called in the planning permit application lodged by Landfill Operations to Melton City Council (MCC) on 5 April 2016. The call-in enables the works approval and planning permit to be considered in parallel.

An independent planning panel will consider all submissions in relation to the works approval and planning permit. While the planning panel will hear submissions relating to both applications, decisions on each application will be made separately.

Supporting documents

Landfill Operations works approval application documents

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