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Energy Brix Australia Corporation Pty Ltd (EBAC) works approval application

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Works approval application decision

EPA considered the works approval application from Energy Brix Australia Corporation (EBAC) to construct an asbestos landfill on the site of the old Morwell power station. EPA has assessed it to be compliant with relevant requirements, and concluded that the proposed landfill does not pose a risk to human health and the environment.

The works approval was granted on 30 May 2018.


This application requests EPA approval to establish an asbestos landfill at 412 Commercial Road, Morwell.

A brown coal-fired power station and briquetting factory operated at the site for over 50 years. The power station has been inactive since September 2014, while the factory continued to supply briquettes to Hazelwood Power Station until early 2017.

The proposed demolition of the former power station (and possibly the briquette manufacturing plant) is expected to generate approximately 10,000 m3 of asbestos containing material (ACM). This would include friable (Class A) and non-friable/bonded (Class B) ACM. The bulk of the ACM is expected to be asbestos cement sheeting.

EBAC are proposing to construct a landfill that would accept ACM generated at the site only and will not receive waste from external sources, with an estimated operating life of two years. Approval has been sought for the construction of two landfill compartments. 

The main landfill of 10,000 m3 comprising four cells is proposed to be constructed first, with the secondary landfill (5,000 m3) only to be constructed if the quantity of ACM generated from the demolition is greater than the anticipated 10,000 m3. Approval is sought for both cells as the need for the secondary landfill would not be known until demolition is underway.

Public consultation on the application

EBAC held a public information session at the Morwell Bowling Club on 29 November 2017.

The works approval application was advertised in the Herald Sun on 14 February 2018 and in the Latrobe Valley Express on 15 February 2018.

Application timeline

19 January 2018 – final application was received.

9 February 2018 – application accepted.

14 and 15 February 2018 – application was advertised in the Herald Sun and the Latrobe Valley Express newspapers.

2 March 2018 – First s22 notice requesting further information sent.

8 March 2018 – closing date for submissions from the public.

29 March 2018 – response to first s22 notice received.

8 May 2018 – second s22 notice requesting further information sent.

18 May 2018 – draft response to s22 notice received.

30 May 2018 – final response to s22 notice and updated application document received.

30 May 2018 – works approval issued.

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