Licences and approvals

Commenting on works approval and licence applications

Public participation is an important principle of the Environment Protection Act 1970. The public are invited to comment on works approval applications and some types of licence applications. EPA considers all such comments during its assessment of these applications.

How to comment on applications

EPA is required to advertise in a statewide newspaper when it receives an application for a works approval. Where appropriate, we will also advertise in a local newspaper. Works approval applications open for comment are advertised on this website, along with details of when public comments must be received.

When written objections to a works approval are received, EPA will generally convene a conference that all interested people are invited to attend. EPA is required to take account of the discussions or resolutions of a conference and the recommendations of the convenor prior to making a decision on the application. Sections 19B(6) and 20B of the Act provide further information on when a conference may be held.

Interested people can comment in writing on current applications and may request in writing to be notified if the works approval/licence is issued.

Works approval applications can usually be downloaded from this website, or a dedicated page on Engage Vic. A copy or a summary of these applications, accompanying plans, specifications and other information can be viewed at no charge (a printed summary may be obtained for $8 per copy) from EPA head or regional offices for applications relating to that region.

All comments must be made in writing by email to or by mail to:

EPA Victoria
GPO Box 4395 
Melbourne Victoria 3001

Comments should be made by the comments closing date (21 days after EPA publicly advertises that it has accepted the works approval application) and should include:

  • your contact details
  • the application number and applicant name
  • your comments
  • an indication that this is your formal submission.

Please note that as submissions/comments received by EPA are part of a public consultation process they may be made publicly available.

Informal enquiries may be made by contacting EPA.

Page last updated on 7 Aug 2019