Environmental auditing

Environmental auditors

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Under the Environment Protection Act, the EPA appoints environmental auditors and regulates their conduct.

EPA-appointed auditors provide independent advice, identifying whether there is a need or opportunity for improving the environmental quality of a site or industrial process with respect to pollution.

Environmental auditors are highly qualified and skilled individuals with 8 years or more experience in environmental science and/or engineering and environmental auditing.

Appointed auditors must have an expert support team in place to provide technical expertise in areas outside their main field of expertise.

Environmental auditors may be appointed under three categories: contaminated land, industrial facilities and natural resources.

Environmental auditor guidelines for appointment and conduct (publication 865) provides information on the experience and competencies each category of auditor must have.

Benefits of using an appointed environmental auditor

Using an EPA-appointed environmental auditor ensures site owners, EPA and local government receive reliable information on the condition of the environment and any risks posed, through:

  • detecting actual or potential environmental impacts
  • assessing compliance with regulations
  • assessing the nature of harm, or risk of harm to the environment caused by an industrial process or activity
  • understanding significant environmental issues.

Page last updated on 6 Aug 2018