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The Environment Protection Act 1970 (‘the Act’) states that an environmental audit assesses the nature and extent of harm, or risk of harm, to the environment posed by an industrial process or activity, waste, substance or noise. It is about understanding the type of pollution and the harm it poses.

Planning authorities, government agencies and private businesses use the environmental audit system to determine the condition of a site and its suitability for use, or to advise what’s required to make a site suitable for use.

Environmental audits must deliver authoritative, independent and transparent advice and recommend measures to reduce identified risks to the environment from a site or industrial facility.

Benefits of environmental auditing

An environmental audit of a site provides people with confidence as to what a site can be used for and to determine what, if any, costs may apply in managing it into the future.

Since the audit system commenced in 1990, more than 3000 audits have been completed, underpinning some of the most significant urban-infill and building projects across the state. As an example, the Docklands precinct was able to be transformed into the safe, vibrant place that you see today, through the undertaking of several 53X audits. Learn more about the 53X audit process.

Without this system, many sites may not be developed for future use to benefit the wider community or may pose unacceptable risks to human health and the environment.

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Victoria Unearthed is a new online tool that has been created to provide access to more information about potential and existing contamination through the state.

Victoria Unearthed includes a range of data, mostly from EPA, that’s already publicly available, and now made easier for people to access in one place at one time. This includes data about groundwater quality restricted use zones,

  • environmental audits
  • the location of Environmental Audit Overlays
  • historical business listings (from the Sands and McDougall directories)
  • and past and present landfills.

Click here to access Victoria Unearthed.  

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