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West Footscray fire 2018 and impacts on Stony Creek

420 Somerville Rd Tottenham

Stony Creek recovery EPA

On 30 August 2018, a large fire broke out in a warehouse at 420 Somerville Road, Tottenham. This fire is sometimes known as the West Footscray industrial fire.

EPA's role during the fire was as a support agency. We monitored air and water quality in the local area. We provided information to the incident controller and emergency services on the scene about potential risks to human health.

Following the fire, EPA continued to monitor the controls put in place. These controls are to mitigate potential discharges from the site and into the surrounding area and Stony Creek.

Contaminated firewater flowed into nearby Stony Creek.  A range of chemicals entered the creek. This included hydrocarbons, solvents, herbicides and heavy metals. This led to significant loss of plant and animal life in Stony Creek.  The incident has been described as the worst pollution event to affect a Melbourne waterway.

More than a year after the fire, we are continuing to monitor the environment around the affected area, particularly Stony Creek. EPA is working closely with Melbourne Water on the continuing recovery effort along Stony Creek. We are also engaging with the community. 

EPA continues to monitor the air quality near the site, with good quality air reported.

We have provided information about how you can protect your health when you are around Stony Creek.

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