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Working with Brooklyn industry

Australian Tallow

EPA maintains a focus on Australian Tallow. We deliver frequent inspections and gather evidence to respond to community odour and pollution complaints.

In December 2015, Australian Tallow Producers Pty Ltd was fined $200,000 (as a 67AC) and convicted with regards to pollution of atmosphere offences in the Brooklyn Residential Area in June and September 2011.

There are currently three notices active for Australian Tallow as at April 2018, with a further six that have been complied with and therefore revoked. The current three active notices (2018) require Australian Tallow to:

  • modify biofilters so that neutral or compost characteristic odours can be emitted
  • modify waste receival and storage activities to prevent strong odours entering the atmosphere
  • not receive or store animal by-products that are exposed to the elements.

Western Land Reclamation

Announcement: EPA suspends Western Land Reclamation’s licence, 26 April 2018

Following repeated offences and a continued inability to meet its licence obligations, EPA has suspended Western Land Reclamation’s (WLR) licence to prevent the acceptance of further waste at its Brooklyn landfill site until further notice.

On 27 March 2018, EPA issued WLR with a notice asking them to show cause why their licence should not be suspended. The notice related to non-compliance matters including the filling of landfill cells above permitted height, failure to adequately rehabilitate the landfill cells and allowing emissions of dust and odour to escape the boundaries of the site.

WLR failed to provide evidence adequately supporting that it had achieved compliance or with a plan as to how it would be achieved. This left EPA with no option but to suspend their Brooklyn licence.

Page last updated on 3 May 2018