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Air quality monitoring

We have been conducting odour surveillance in the Brooklyn Industrial Precinct since 2008, and monitoring for small airborne particulate matter (which includes dust) since 2009.

We work hard to address the fact that air quality in the area does not meet Australia's national air quality standards. The levels of PM10 (particles less than 10 micrometres in size)  regularly exceeds the standard set by the National Environment Protection (Ambient Air Quality) Measure.


Live data on EPA AirWatch comes directly from our air monitoring stations using several types of monitoring equipment and methods. This live data is preliminary and is manually quality assured (validated) according to set criteria at a later date. Validating the data accounts for instrument errors, power interruptions and other technical issues. Any historical data supplied can include both live and quality assured data.

Air monitoring results are updated hourly on EPA Airwatch.

We attend the Brooklyn Community Representative Group (BCRG) meetings and open house events, and copies of our more detailed presentations are available on their website.

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Page last updated on 18 Jul 2019