Compliance and enforcement

Remedial notice amendment

A notice recipient can apply to EPA to amend the following types of remedial notices:

  • pollution abatement notices (PANs)
  • minor works pollution abatement notices (MWPANs)
  • clean up notices (CUNs).

Applications can be made to:

  • extend compliance dates
  • amend requirements
  • revoke requirements.

Generally, we only make amendments to requirements when the notice recipient can demonstrate that all efforts to comply with the notice requirements have been made and either one of the following is true:

  • Factors beyond their control (such as weather events) mean compliance dates are not achievable and an extension of time is required to achieve compliance.
  • Changing one or more requirements will restore compliance with the law and deliver greater levels of control and a better long-term environmental outcome.

For an application to be considered, the notice recipient must provide adequate justification to support the case for any amendment.

How to apply for an amendment of a remedial notice

To apply for an amendment of a remedial notice, download the application form, fill it out and return the completed form to the manager of the EPA office listed on the notice (for example, ‘Manager EPA Victoria North East Region’). EPA office contact details are listed on our Contact us page, or you can email

An application for an amendment must be received by EPA at least:

  • three working days before the relevant compliance date(s) for an MWPAN
  • ten working days before the relevant compliance date(s) for a PAN or CUN.

Note that we will not amend MWPAN requirements with immediate or extremely urgent deadlines.

EPA will review the application and respond within five working days of receiving it.

Further information

Refer to EPA’s Remedial notices policy (publication 1418) for further information on the process for amending remedial notices.

Page last updated on 14 Oct 2019