Compliance and enforcement

Compliance and Enforcement Review

EPA Victoria is on a journey to become a modern environmental regulator that meets the aspirations of the Victorian community.

The transformation to a modern regulator will enable the authority to be targeted, transparent, effective and most of all accountable.

In 2009 and 2010, EPA was the subject of external reviews that found its regulatory approach inadequate. In order to improve its effectiveness and prepare for a more challenging future, EPA committed to an extensive review of its compliance and enforcement activities.

EPA commissioned Stan Krpan, the former Director of Legal Services and Investigations at WorkSafe Victoria (Victoria’s health and safety regulator) to conduct this independent review.

The review involved a comprehensive assessment of how EPA educates and supports duty-holders to comply with the law and how it enforces against those that don’t.

Following the most extensive consultation program in EPA’s history, which included:

  • 50 written submissions from the general public
  • consultation with 200 EPA staff
  • consultation with 200 businesses through workshops and round tables hosted by industry associations
  • consultation with 300 members of the community through 14 state-wide open houses.

Stan Krpan delivered his 450-page report to the Chairman and CEO of EPA on 31 December 2010.

The review found that EPA needs to:

  • reclarify its core role as an environmental regulator by promoting and adhering to the principles of a modern regulator
  • refocus its energy on building staff expertise and knowledge and using that expertise to support duty-holders to comply with the law
  • make smarter, more targeted and transparent decisions to tackle the issues that pose the greatest risk to human health and the environment

In February 2011, EPA made publicly available, the full report, as well as a report overview and a list of the 119 recommendations.

EPA has completed 117 of the 119 recommendations. EPA is still committed to completing the remaining two recommendations which are in progress and are expected to be completed in 2014 and 2015. For further information on the implementation of the Review, please follow the links below to the implementation updates.

Review overview and list of recommendations

Compliance and Enforcement Review: Overview of key themes and recommendations (publication 1367)

Compliance and Enforcement Review Report – list of recommendations (PDF 289 KB)

Full report

Compliance and Enforcement Review: A review of EPA Victoria’s approach (publication 1368)

Implementation updates

 Compliance and Enforcement Review implementation: Implementation update (publication 1493, August 2012)

Compliance and Enforcement implementation: Update on progress (publication 1524, March 2013)

Compliance and Enforcement Review implementation: EPA delivers on compliance and enforcement reform (publication 1557, November 2013)


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