Our work

EPA uses a range of tools to protect the environment throughout Victoria.

  • EPA officer taking measurements.
  • EPA at work on an industrial site.

Our work

Follow the links below to the sections of our website that cover EPA’s work.

Compliance and enforcement

How EPA monitors and assures industry compliance with the law.

Licences and approvals

Many industrial activities require works approvals and licences from EPA.

Current issues

Updates on environmental issues affecting the community.

Environmental auditing

Victoria’s system for assessing the harm posed to the environment by industry.

Environmental public health

EPA has an important role in protecting the health of Victorians from the potential health effects of environmental hazards.

Statement of expectations

Statement of expectations for EPA for 2018–20.

Major infrastructure projects

EPA works to ensure the environment and community are protected from potential harmful impacts of pollution during major infrastructure projects.

Monitoring the environment

What we monitor and how; and other monitoring in the state

Programs and initiatives

Current and past programs and initiatives run or endorsed by EPA

Setting and reviewing standards

EPA periodically reviews environmental policy and regulation.

Emergency information

Are you experiencing an emergency? Safety is the first priority. EPA supports emergency response agencies during pollution incidents.


Publications released by EPA.

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