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  • Online

    Register and submit a report online (log in to the EPA reporting system).

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  • Mobile

    Submit a litter report on the go with EPA’s new Report Litter mobile site – available in all app stores now.

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  • Form

    Fill in the form and mail or fax to EPA. Our contact details are on the form.

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  • Call

    Report other pollution to the 24-hour pollution hotline.

    Call the hotline on
    1300 372 842 (EPA VIC)

Did you know Victorians
generate 14,560 tonnes of litter per year?

You can help stop litter where it starts

Responsibility for enforcement of the litter provisions of the Environment Protection Act is shared between a range of agencies, including local government, EPA and Victoria Police.

Protecting the environment from litter is a huge task. It builds up on our streets, blocks our drains, finds its way into our creeks, rivers and beaches, and threatens our wildlife. Burning litter, such as lit cigarette butts, poses immense fire hazards and can cause bushfires that destroy homes and lives.

It costs tens of millions to clean up litter every year. You can butt out this unacceptable behaviour by reporting litter from motor vehicles via EPA’s website, on your smartphone, over the phone or by mail.

When EPA receives your litter report, enforcement officers will investigate the incident and take action. If appropriate EPA will issue an infringement notice.

The community has reported more than 20,000 litter offenders to EPA every year. By working together, we can ensure a healthy environment that supports a liveable and prosperous Victoria, now and always.

Seen someone littering?
Here’s a Q&A on how to report litter.

Just been reported for litter?
Here’s a Q&A on what to do if you’ve been reported.

Part of an agency that stops litter?
Litter enforcement toolkit and notice templates (publication 1142) is a useful EPA resource.

Time for litter to break down in the environment

Litter type Time
Paper bag One month
Orange peel Up to two years
Chewing gum Up to five years
Cigarette butt Up to 12 years
Plastic bag* Up to 20 years
Plastic bottle* 450 years
Plastic six-pack holder 500 years
Glass One to two million years
Aluminium can More than a million years
* These items break down into smaller pieces but persist in the environment forever

Page last updated on 3 Apr 2019