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Reducing odour and air emissions

There are simple ways to reduce or eliminate odour and/or other air emissions, including...

  • When working with solvents and odorous materials, use a fume hood or spray booth to reduce the vapours leaving the area.
  • Closing doors and windows of the premises when using odorous materials.
  • Using low odour products and materials.
  • Minimising the quantities of solvents and other volatile materials used.
  • Seeking advice on reducing odour emissions or other such air emission issue.
  • Remembering that odours can be irritating to neighbours and other commercial/industrial premises in the vicinity, so improve communication with neighbours to avoid conflict.
  • Improving housekeeping.
  • For dust, improve communication with neighbours and 'damp down' dusty surfaces/materials.

Many air emissions may be negligible in terms of quantity, but they may still provide an odour that is irritating to others nearby.

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Page last updated on 22 Jul 2012