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Shooting ranges - guidance

Activities at shooting ranges can cause environmental contamination – but this contamination can be managed. Guide for managing contamination at shooting ranges (EPA publication 1710) provides Victorian outdoor shooting ranges with information to help prevent, manage and contain contamination from their activities.

Shooting range guidance

All shooting ranges are unique and there are many ways to manage contamination. This guide assists operators and land owners to assess risks from contamination and make informed decisions about how to best control those risks.

Tailored to the unique needs of different ranges, this guide can be easily navigated to specific relevant sections. Below is a description of how it is structured.

  • Sections 1, 2 and 3 of this guide provide the background information to understand contamination and assess a shooting range’s level of risk.
  • Sections 4 ‘Shotgun ranges’ and 5 ‘Rifle and pistol ranges’ provide information about risks at these specific different types of ranges and outlines options to control contamination.
  • The guidance sheets provide further detail about options for managing contamination at shooting ranges.

This guide has been developed in collaboration with the Victorian sports shooting community. EPA gratefully recognises the contributions and endorsement from the following associations:

  • Field & Game Australia
  • Sporting Shooters Association Australia, Victoria
  • Victorian Amateur Pistol Association
  • Victorian Clay Target Association
  • Victorian Rifle Association
  • Victorian Sporting Clays Association

Further information is available on our Contamination from shooting ranges web page.

Page last updated on 26 Jun 2019