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National Pollutant Inventory – guidance for industry

The National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) program provides community, industry and government information about substance emissions in Australia. 

Companies are required to report to NPI if they exceed the threshold limits of listed NPI substances, at a facility level. Guidance and support is available from the following sources:

Companies in Victoria that need access to the ORS and calculation tools, should send a completed user registration form to EPA's NPI team.

After companies estimate their emissions and transfers, they report this annually to EPA. For more information and access to the latest NPI emissions data, visit the NPI website. 


NPI  was developed as a National Environment Protection Measure (National Pollutant Inventory) 1998. It is coordinated Australia wide by the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy. EPA is responsible for managing the NPI program in Victoria. The program was incorporated into Victorian legislation as the Waste Management Policy (National Pollutant Inventory) 2012.

A review is currently underway of the NPI and its role in Australia's future. Written submissions closed in August 2018. For more information, you can download the NPI discussion papers here.

Page last updated on 26 Jun 2019