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WA application roadmap long description

  1. Complete checklist
    • Determine segments of environmental information required by referring to –
      • assessment plan provided by EPA
      • Appendix B of WA guidelines.
    • Go through checklist to tick relevant boxes by –
      • following instructions from popup box for each question and/or
      • referring to relevant sections fo WA guideline, as indicated.
  2. Generate template
    • Click ‘Generate Documents’ at the end of the checklist.
    • Select ‘Template’.
    • Save the template in your own folder (this functionality is not yet available).
  3. Prepare application
    • Use the saved template as a reference for preparing your application (this functionality is not yet available).
    • Complete the required information by referring to –
      • relevant sections of the WA guideline, as indicated on the template
      • Appendix C of the WA guideline (Prompt sheets) for examples of best practice for your scheduled premises.
  4. Submit application
    • Download, complete and sign the ‘Supporting information’ and attach it to the application.
    • Download and attach a copy of the ‘Summary of your responses’ to the application.
    • Send the whole package of application to EPA.
    • Pay application fee.

Page last updated on 20 Apr 2015