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Where erosion and sediment controls are not functioning as intended, it will be necessary to investigate why and to determine what actions are required to ensure the site is managed appropriately so that environmental objectives for site management are met. Controls may have failed due to lack of maintenance, poor implementation, or a result of changing site conditions over time. Actions that should be undertaken include:

  • inspect and assess your site for sediment or wind-borne dust sources
  • repair, update or replace preventative measures as needed whilst considering whether changed site conditions or activities require new measures
  • consider reuse such as water for dust suppression, treatment or disposal of turbid water*
  • keep a record of what you have done to fix the problem.

*Turbid water can be treated to meet water quality requirements. Any dust suppression use should be carefully managed to prevent discharge of turbid water to drains or waterways.

Erosion and sediment control requires an adaptive approach that is based on continuous improvement.

Responding to complaints

Complaints from the community are often a sign that something has gone wrong or an activity is not being managed appropriately. If complaints are made to your business, use it as a signal. It's best to respond in a professional and timely manner, provide details on actions undertaken to remedy the situation, and keep people that have raised a concern informed on progress or completion where able.

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Page last updated on 28 Jun 2018