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Remedial notice forms

If you have received a remedial notice from EPA you may, in certain circumstances, be eligible to apply for an amendment of the compliance date or requirements, or for a remedial notice review.

Lodging an amendment or review application does not suspend or disable the requirements contained in the served notice.

Further information on the amendment and review processes is available on the remedial notices and directions page.

How to apply for an amendment

Notice recipients can apply for an extension of compliance dates, or an amendment or revocation of requirements.

To apply for an amendment, download the application form, fill it out, and return the completed form to the manager of the EPA office listed on the notice within the required time.

How to apply for a review

Notice recipients can apply for a review of a pollution abatement notice (PAN) or clean up notice (CUN) if:

  • the notice was issued to the wrong legal entity or wrong notice recipient
  • the recipient believes a notice compliance requirement is unreasonable
  • the recipient believes the time frame for completing the compliance requirement is unreasonable. 

To apply for a review of a PAN or CUN, click below to open the application form, provide evidence to support your application and submit your application electronically, no later than seven calendar days from the date of issue of the notice.

Apply for a remedial notice review

Page last updated on 26 Jun 2015