For business and industry

Businesses must comply with environmental legislation — EPA’s guidelines and tools will help them do so.

  • Industry and townships together.

For business and industry

Follow the links below to the sections of our website that have been developed for organisations that EPA regulates. This includes businesses and government organisations.
Emissions from a factory.

Business, industry and planning guidance

Guidance for business and industry, including licensing, works approval and planning.


How to manage your environmental impact

Understanding your environmental risk, and what preventative action you can take, to prevent harm to the environment and human health.

Business forms, permits and online tools

EPA application and reporting forms for business and industry.

Featured links:

A factory with emissions from smoke stacks.

Lower your impact

Toolkits, programs and plans for reducing your impact on the environment.
EPA Victoria sign on the Melbourne head office.

Fees and charges

Information about the fees and charges levied by EPA.

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