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Demonstrating best practice

Assessing best practice is an important aspect of Victoria’s environment protection framework.

EPA provides guidance on how to demonstrate environmental best practice.

What it is

The purposes of this guideline are to:

  • assist those who manage sources of emissions or discharges to the Victorian environment to understand and meet best practice requirements
  • contribute to increased consistency and transparency in EPA’s definition of best practice and assessment of applications for statutory approval
  • provide detailed guidance to works approval applicants about what evidence of best practice compliance they need to provide to EPA and, in particular, assist in the early clarification and confirmation of those evidentiary requirements.

What it isn’t

This guideline will not identify the approaches, technologies or practices that constitute best practice for any particular industrial activity or sector.

To provide feedback to EPA on this guideline, please speak to your Development Approvals Unit contact or email


The new publication is a revised version of the draft guideline (Publication 1507), which was released for public comment on 22 October 2012. The public comment period closed on 23 November 2012. Eight submissions were received and these were considered in finalising the guideline.

To provide transparency in the consultation process, EPA has published the Response to comments on Demonstrating best practice draft guideline (publication 1516). It sets out the key themes from public submissions received (representative comments are anonymously provided) and provides EPA’s response.

Page last updated on 26 Jun 2019