Using the EPA logo

The EPA logo is a trademark owned by the Environment Protection Authority. It cannot be copied, modified, reproduced, published, uploaded, distributed or posted in whole, or in part, in any way without the prior written consent of EPA.   

EPA does not ordinarily grant use of its logo and it should not be used externally in association with any product, service or event without prior written consent.

In a limited number of cases, EPA may grant permission to use its logo subject to EPA’s terms and conditions of use. All requests must be submitted to EPA in writing by email to contact@epa.vic.gov.au.

Please note, businesses that hold a current EPA Victoria licence are not required to seek permission from EPA to display their licence on their website or in other communications.

Application procedure

EPA will take the following factors into consideration when assessing an application for permission to use the EPA logo:

  • if the proposed use is consistent with EPA’s image and standing as Victoria’s environmental regulator
  • the existing or proposed relationship between the EPA and the applicant
  • if the visual display and design standards are of a suitable standard
  • any implied relationship or endorsement resulting from use of the logo
  • reputational risk to EPA of approving or not approving the proposed use.

On request by EPA, the applicant must provide samples of its material incorporating the EPA logo.

By submitting an application for use of the EPA logo you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • Any external use of the EPA logo must be consistent with the requirements and standards specified in EPA’s Corporate Style Guide. This guide is available upon request when EPA has granted permission for its logo to be used.
  • Permission to use the EPA logo will be granted for a specific purpose and duration. You will not be permitted to use the EPA logo after this time or for any other purpose without permission of  EPA.
  • The EPA logo must be used in the format that it is provided in and not altered in any way (apart from re-sizing).
  • You will be required to provide a proof or copy of your document to EPA's Strategic Communications Unit for approval before it is published or distributed.


EPA may approve co-branding linking EPA’s logo with one or more third party logos for a common function or activity such as:

  • acknowledgments, sponsorships and promotions
  • memberships
  • approved collaborations or joint projects between EPA and another entity.

Approval is subject to the EPA logo being displayed in accordance with the requirements set out in our Corporate Style Guide.


'EPA logo' means the EPA umbrella shape.

Page last updated on 4 Feb 2019