Land legislation

For more information, also refer to the Environment Protection Act 1970.

State Environment Protection Policy (Prevention and Management of Contamination of Land)

This policy was gazetted as:

  • State Environment Protection Policy (Prevention and Management of Contamination of Land)
    No. S95, Gazette 4/6/2002

It was varied to reflect the 2013 amendments to the National Environment Protection Measure for the Assessment of Site Contamination, with effect from 26 September 2013.

You can read a consolidated version of the policy that incorporates the variation. This version provides a single source of information for those wishing to read the policy, but it is not an authorised version of the policy and has not been published in the Gazette.

The SEPP (Prevention and Management of Contamination of Land) establishes general uses of land in Victoria and provides a mechanism for determining whether these uses are being protected, such as indicators and objectives of use in assessing impacts.

The SEPP also identifies the links between the environmental audit system and the statutory planning system, ensuring sites that need to be audited are subject to audit, and that any conditions associated with the audit outcome are implemented.

The SEPP further sets out requirements for the prevention of contamination, reinforces the role of the waste hierarchy in selecting preferred approaches for site clean-up and identifies measures by which people can access relevant information on site contamination.

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Industrial Waste Management Policy (Waste Acid Sulfate Soils)

An acid sulfate soil is any soil, sediment, unconsolidated geological material or disturbed consolidated rock mass containing metal sulfides exceeding criteria published by the Authority.

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