EPA’s environmental performance

Water use


Since 2006, many measures have been taken across EPA sites to reduce water use including:

  • cooling tower operation changes
  • installation of water-efficient taps, toilets and showers
  • installation of 5-star water efficient dishwashers at our Carlton head office
  • highest-rated water-efficient appliances and fittings
  • behaviour change to reduce staff shower times and individual dishwashing
  • rainwater harvesting at our Dandenong site
  • water audits
  • investigating water neutrality as an organisation.

Since 2005–06, we have reduced our water use by 61 per cent or 7098 kilolitres. We have also halved our water use per fulltime staff member.

EPA Water Usage per FTE

Future actions

After achieving significant water savings over the last six years, EPA continues to work on ways to reduce water further, such as:

  • feasibility of rainwater harvesting at our Macleod office
  • working with Latrobe University to investigate water-saving opportunities in our energy plant at our Macleod office
  • celebration of World Water Day across all offices to raise awareness of water shortage and water quality worldwide.


Page last updated on 14 Nov 2019