EPA’s environmental performance

Transport use


EPA tackles sustainable transport in many ways, ranging from how we manage and use our vehicle fleet to sustainable staff commuting and end-of-trip facilities at each of our offices.

Since 2005-06, EPA has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions associated with fleet vehicles by 55% mainly due to the transition to lower emission vehicles and hybrid vehicles of which make up 19% of EPA's current fleet.

In 2012-13, the percentage of EPA staff across all offices regularly using public transport, cycling or walking to and from work has increased from 66% in 2011-12 to 70%. 

Since 2006 many measures have been taken across EPA sites to reduce the environmental impact from the way we use transport including: 

  • transition to the lowest emission vehicles possible that are fit for purpose with 20% of current fleet being hybrid vehicles
  • video conferencing facilities at all offices 
  • participation in the Department of Transport electric vehicle trial - two electric vehicle leases (December 2010 and April 2012) to test whether this technology meets the needs of the EPA fleet
  • end-of-trip facilities for those who want to cycle or walk to work at all offices, including 58 bike racks, two large bike storage cages and showers and lockers on each floor at Head Office, lockers and bike storage at the Centre for Environmental Sciences and the Geelong office 
  • regular sustainable transport breakfasts for staff
  • a longstanding bicycle users group, which now incorporate runners and walkers 
  • eco-driving training for staff to improve fuel efficiency when driving fleet vehicles 
  • participation in the Melbourne Bike Share program
  • maps showing staff how to travel to each office via public transport and bicycle and monthly breakfasts during spring, summer and autumn to encourage staff to cycle to work; also, communal bike toolkits for staff to use
  • long standing participation in and support for Ride to Work and Walk to Work day 
  • development of a sustainable transport plan

Future actions

As well as maintaining sustainable transport education and facilities for staff, EPA will continue to investigate the suitability of electric vehicles and lower emission vehicles for our fleet. We will also continue to improve video conferencing facilities. 

Page last updated on 6 Mar 2014