EPA’s environmental performance

EPA’s sustainable head office

200 Victoria Street is the redevelopment of a pre-loved building into one of Melbourne’s most sustainable commercial office buildings. It is the head office of EPA Victoria and delivers on EPA’s vision of ‘a healthy environment that supports a liveable and prosperous Victoria’.
200 Victoria Street.

Sustainability permeates every aspect of 200 Victoria Street and EPA's fit-out – including integrating a tri-generation plant to power the building, hollowing out the light-filled atrium, mapping natural sunlight into work spaces, selecting materials to improve air quality and using videoconferencing to reduce travel and greenhouse gas emissions.

The result is a vibrant and healthy workspace that delivers on all aspects of environmental, social and economic sustainability, including a 5.5 star National Australian Built Environment Rating Scheme (NABERS) energy tenancy rating and a 6 star Green Star Office Interiors accreditation from the Green Building Council of Australia. This makes EPA's head office tenancy one of the few in Australia.

EPA's 200 Victoria St tenancy also participates in the City of Melbourne’s City Switch program through which it won the inaugural City Switch award for tenancies over 2000 square metres in 2010 and came runners up in the same category in 2013.

The overall building has also received the following Green Building Council of Australia accreditations:

  • 6 star Green Star Office Design
  • 6 star Green Star Office As Built.

Since moving into the building in November 2009, EPA has opened up 200 Victoria St to visits by over 700 stakeholders and members of the public, including taking part in Melbourne Open House.

The building has not only helped reduce EPA’s environmental impact, its features have also allowed for better staff wellbeing and collaboration. A guide for staff has been developed and a case study written to showcase the building’s features and share EPA’s lessons from moving into a more environmentally sustainable building.

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Page last updated on 6 Mar 2014