About us

EPA’s role is to be a world-class regulator of pollution and waste.

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About us

Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria was established in 1971 under the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Our vision

A healthy environment that supports a liveable and prosperous Victoria now and always.

Our purpose

We protect the environment and people by preventing and reducing harm from pollution and waste.

Our role

We are a world-class regulator of pollution and waste

EPA's organisational strategy: Our environment, Our health

Our strategy

EPA’s organisational strategy sets out five goals and how we’ll work with Victorians to achieve them.

Who we are

EPA Victoria’s role, structure and corporate practices.

We’re changing

EPA welcomed the release of an independent review of its role and powers.

EPA Victoria head office atrium.

EPA’s environmental performance

Describes EPA’s environmental management system (EMS) and its achievements, plus the environment committee, Green Stars.


The legislation administered by EPA.

Engagement policy and Environmental Citizenship Strategy

EPA works with the community, businesses and other organisations to protect the environment.

Our scientific expertise

EPA’s appoints staff considered and recognised as leaders in the areas of air quality, inland water, marine water, waste, landfill, land and groundwater, and odour as EPA’s ‘principal experts’.

Reference groups

EPA's reference groups represent the interests and views of Victorians who have an active interest in protecting our environment.

News Centre

Access news and media releases from EPA.
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Careers at EPA Victoria

Do you share our vision for a sustainable Victorian community?
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EPA authorised officer complaints

The process to submit complaints about the conduct of an EPA authorised officer.
The EPA customer service team.

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Contact details for EPA Victoria.

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