Your environment

Pollution can have an impact on all sectors of the environment in our state.

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Your environment

Follow the links below to the sections of our website that cover the different sectors of the environment.
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Air quality is important to the health and wellbeing of all Victorians. Most air pollution comes from industry, motor vehicles and domestic wood burning.

Emissions from a factory.

Climate change

Our changing climate has implications for all Victorians.
EPA officer gathering a sample of soil.

Land and groundwater

EPA regulates and monitors many of the beneficial uses of land.


EPA plays a role in protecting the community from noise pollution.


Whether from landfills, waste treatment plants or broiler farms, odour must be correctly managed by all businesses.
Pile of rubbish.


Waste impacts come from municipal, commercial and industrial sources.
Person standing in water with measuring equipment.


Victoria’s waterways, rich in quality and diversity, are among the state’s greatest natural assets.
Person using scientific equipment.

EPA protecting the environment and human health

Human health and wellbeing relies on the quality of our environment every day.

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