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Our strategy

Our environment, Our health

Building our future together

EPA’s organisational strategy

Our environment, Our health is EPA’s plan for the future. It sets out five goals and how we’ll work with Victorians to achieve them.

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Why we are here

We’re here to ensure our state continues to be one of the most livable and prosperous places on Earth.

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A healthy and sustainable environment underpins the Victorian economy. As one of the world’s most livable places, our economy is growing and changing.

Challenges and Impacts

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Where we want to be

To achieve our vision we’ll work with and for Victorians. But what does success look like?

What we will achieve

To do our part in creating a healthy environment that supports a livable and prosperous Victoria now and always, we will focus on five goals.

How we will deliver

Successful implementation of this strategy requires every EPA staff member to live our values. These values applied consistently by each of us in our interactions with Victorians will deliver one experience of EPA.

  • We focus effort for best result

  • We are evidence and risk based

  • We learn from experience

  • We are agile and innovative

  • We support each other

  • We welcome diversity

  • We listen and learn

  • We involve people in decisions that affect them

  • We do what we say we will

  • We make timely decisions

  • We use sound judgement

  • We are transparent and objective

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Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3

Goal 4

Goal 5

More than ever, we will proactively prevent pollution and waste to improve Victoria’s environment, health and wellbeing.

That’s our promise to you.

Our Annual Plan outlines our tactics in delivering these goals.

Our progress

EPA is continuously improving the way it identifies these focus areas and will be engaging with stakeholders to help inform future priorities. As new issues emerge throughout the year, EPA will prioritise effort to address them.

The five-year reform will see EPA undergo significant transformation and we invite stakeholders to share in the journey and stay updated on our progress. To date, we have fulfilled a number of early commitments, highlighting our promise to enhancing human health and the environment for all Victorians. Read more about the Inquiry, government response and EPA’s progress.

Furthermore, to revisit our key focus areas and achievements for the 2017–18 financial year that will enable us to deliver on our Organisational Strategy, download our Annual Plan.

Page last updated on 27 Apr 2018